Army veteran to run for Lt. Governor

The first official Republican bid for Lieutenant Governor was announced Tuesday.
Orangeburg native and Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Bill Connor announced on the Statehouse grounds that he is running for Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer’s position. Connor says many people are looking at the government to be the solution to their problems, but he says government is not the answer, freedom is. Connor says he wants to make South Carolina “a shining light to our nation.”
“As things possibly get worse with the government growing out of bounds with the spending bill that was sent forward and all the other things we’re seeing, that South Carolina can remain true to as much economic freedom that we can bring. What I plan to do is preside over the Senate, continue the work of my predecessor and ruling tax increases out of order every time, cutting waste wherever I can, cutting excess government spending, cutting taxes but focusing on core infrastructure,” says Connor.
Connor recently returned from Afghanistan. He is a lawyer with a book called “Articles from War,” and is a husband and a father of three. He says he understands if he were Lieutenant Governor he would be one heartbeat away from Governor, and he is prepared for whatever comes his way.