Port of Charleston offers green rebates for trucking companies

Truckers driving into the Port of Charleston have a new rebate program to help them save on gas and give South Carolina a break in air pollutants at the same time.

“This is another one of those win-win’s where we can have something that has an environmental benefit, but also makes good business sense. For every truck that has an auxillary power unit on it, basically a generator, they can cut their fuel usage by eight percent. So, it’s really a win-win, it’s a way, ya know with fuel continuing to probably inch up over the next several months, you can save some money for your business,” says Byron Miller with the South Carolina Ports Authority.¬†

Miller¬†says the Authority has a “Pledge for Growth” initiative that calls for cleaner air with lower emissions. He says this green program is the latest environmental measure that is just a step forward in reaching cleaner air for South Carolina. The program is funded in parts through a federal grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as a match from the local trucking company.