Parents claim possible racism after Charleston school closings decision

Questions of racism have arisen since the Charleston County School District decided to close five schools that have a 72 percent black population.
Parents from Fraser Elementary, one of the five Charleston County schools closing at the end of this school year, have filed a complaint against the school board claiming the five schools chosen could have evolved from a race issue. The school board decided in December to close the schools for budget purposes and to make educational improvements, but nearly a dozen parents filed the complaint into the Civil Rights Office to claim that the decision involved racial discrimination.
School Board member, Arthur Ravenel says this is not the case.
“There’s a certain element around town whenever anything at all comes up they holla, they feel like it’s gotta have some kind of racial connotations and it doesn’t,” says Ravenel.
The five schools combined have about 1,600 students, with 72 percent being black. Black school board member, Toya Green says no malice was involved in choosing the schools for closing.