New state Democratic party head starts recruiting, training

The new executive director of the Nebraska Democratic Party says he’s now starting to zero in on the nuts and bolts of party-building. Jim Rogers has been the party’s chief for less than a month.

Rogers says his goals include building the “infrastructure of the party aparatus” and working to train individuals who can help to operate campaigns while also recruiting potential candidates to run.

Fundraising is often difficult, but he says last year’s winning Obama campaign gave them a good lesson. Rogers says, “There’s a huge energy out there of small dollar-based donors that we need to be able to tap into and have a message that resonates with them.”

In November, Democrat Obama won the Omaha-based 2nd Congressional District, claiming one of Nebraska’s five electoral votes, and in the process, called new attention to Nebraska’s unique electoral college system.

Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton