Gas prices rise slightly but remain under $2

Gasoline prices have ticked up a few cents a gallon in recent weeks but remain below the two-dollar mark in Nebraska and nationwide. Fuels analyst Jessica Zopf says most gas made in the U-S is produced with oil from overseas. The price of that foreign oil is creeping upward as refineries look to place supply more in line with demand.

“We’ve continued to see OPEC making attempts to increase the cost of a barrel of oil by cutting production,” Zopf said. “That’s part of the reason why we’re seeing some gas price increases.” Triple-A-Nebraska says the statewide average for a gallon of self-service unleaded is $1.90, which is three-cents below the national average.

Zopf couldn’t predict whether any big fluctuations in price are coming soon. “A lot of energy analysts are speculating that as long as the economy stays in this recession…we are going to continue to see lower gas prices,” Zopf said.

Triple-A says the cheapest average gas price in the state is a $1.83 a gallon in Grand Island, while Norfolk has the highest average at a $1.94. Nebraska’s all-time high average came last July at $4.10 a gallon.