New Dem party head hopes to build momentum

Building on the momentum from the 2008 presidential race will be one of the tasks facing the new executive director of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Jim Rogers moved into that office last week.

Rogers says, “Our challenge facing us is working on candidate recruitment and retention, making significant gains in voter registration and keeping that energy that was given to us through the presidential campaign and utilizing it for future elections and for the purpose of building the party.”

Rogers says it was a huge boost for the party to deliver the second district electoral vote to now-President Obama. He says, “It shows there are areas in Nebraska where we can compete and compete well.” He says the registration advantage was taken back in Douglas County and that process can be duplicated across the state.

Rogers says they know to be successful, they have to spread the Democratic Party’s message beyond the Lincoln and Omaha areas. It involves just getting out and working in the communities, he says.

Rogers managed the Congressional campaign for Jim Esch, he replaces Matt Connealy, who stepped down after the November election.

Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton