Workshop for new home buyers tomorrow in Bassett

The real estate market is plunging in some parts of the country, but is booming in areas of Nebraska. The Central Nebraska Housing Developers is holding workshops for new home buyers in Bassett. Melissa Krysl is housing assistant for the agency and says the workshops are for anyone interested in owning a home.

Krysl says despite all the bad economic news, they are still seeing homes bought and sold all across Nebraska. She says this part of the country hasn’t been hit as hard with the economic problems and there’s still a lot of interest in purchasing homes. Krysl says the office helps steer prospective home buyers to financial assistance programs.

The workshops will be this Thursday and next Thursday at the North Central R-C&D office in Bassett. The cost is $25. More information is available at the website: ““.

Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton