Counterfeit bills surface in Lexington

American currency carries a lot of security features to prevent counterfeitting, but bogus bills are still showing up, with several cases in Nebraska recently. Lexington Police Chief Charlie Clark says shopkeepers are staying vigilant.

Chief Clark says since the beginning of the year, four counterfeit bills have been passed at local merchants, a 50-dollar bill and three 20s. He says the quality of the 50 wasn’t very good but the 20s were better made. 

Clark says merchants — and consumers — need to be on the lookout. He says the easiest way to tell a bill is counterfeit is to feel the paper as the federal government uses a very high quality paper. He says fake bills will have a rougher feel.

Newer bills have several distinguishing features as well, including an embedded security strip, watermarked portraits and multi-colored inks.

Thanks to Dylan Hunter, KHAS, Hastings