Bill would restrict issuing of learner's permits

One of the Nebraska legislature’s new faces, Senator Bob Giese of South Sioux City has filed a few bills already in the session, including one that pertains to learner’s permits for driver’s licenses. Giese says his bill would put a new restriction on those permits.

Under the bill, he says anyone over 18 could only be issued a learner’s permit one time and then they have a year to get their full license. He says some people get the permit and aren’t comfortable taking the test after a year and then just get another permit.

Giese says the bill would apply to only those older Nebraskans who are learning to drive. He says a year is plenty of time to learn how to drive and this proposed law only applies to people over 18 — those who are younger would not be targeted.

While new to state government, Giese was previously Mayor in South Sioux. Lawmakers return to Lincoln tomorrow.

Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton