Jets to interview Callahan, Broncos fire Shanahan

The coaching carousel of the NFL continues to turn before the first round of the wildcard playoffs this weekend.  The Denver Broncos have fired vice president and head coach Mike Shanahan after 14 years.
The Jets will interview former Husker coach Bill Callahan for their head coaching job who was an assistant under Eric Mangini who was let go earlier this week.  Mangini in turn will interview for the Cleveland Browns job that opened up after Romeo Crennel was fired and Bill Cowher told Cleveland he was not interested in the job.
It was reported yesterday by several news outlest that Cowher would talk with the Jets, but that was inaccurate.  Now the story is, he’ll return to coaching in 2010.  .
Finally, Former NFL wide receiver Andre Rison arrested for public intoxication in San Antonio. Paid his $85 fine and went on his way.  Nothing to do with coaching, but still a intersted New Year’s Eve story.