Huskers set to leave for Florida

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas.  The players were back in town yesterday and they had a brief meeting yesterday evening.  Now they are getting ready to head out for Jacksonville today.  Just a week away now and Husker head coach Bo Pelini thinks that the team, on both sides of the ball is set up to play well next week in the Gator Bowl.
Florida is one of those areas where the Huskers would really like to continue to grow in the recruiting efforts, so what teams will do once they’re practicing at the bowl site is invite area high school football coaches in to watch practice and Pelini and his assistants will put on a clinic.  Pelini tells us more.
Pelini doesn’t know how many coaches will take advantage of it, but the offer is out there.
I wonder how much campaigning goes on between the schools and bowl committees.  You look at the Missouri Tigers, they were the Big 12 North Champs, finishing ahead of Nebraska, yet they play on Monday in the Alamo Bowl.  The Gator Bowl on New Years Day certainly carries more prestige, yet in the long run it probably helps both programs out.  The Tigers recruit heavy in Texas, The Huskers looking to build in Florida.  There is certainly more that goes into these bowl games than meets the eye.