Grand Jury being selected in Gage County Death

A grand jury is being selected, to examine the death of a Blue Springs man killed in a stand off with Beatrice and Gage County law officers in early October.
62 year old Gene Zarybnicky was found dead in the doorway of his Blue Springs home, some time after an exchange of gunfire. Gage County Attorney Randall Ritnour says the grand jury is being selected in Gage County District Court, and begins the investigation December 19th.
State law requires a grand jury investigation whenever someone dies in police custody, or in the process of being apprehended.
The grand jury can return what’s called a true bill, if criminal wrongdoing is found. If not, they would issue a No True bill. They can also issue recommendations or findings regarding procedures used.
Beatrice Police Officer Sean Vest was identified by the Chief of Police as firing the shot that killed Zarybnicky. Vest, a member of the Gage County Emergency Response team, was briefly placed on administrative leave, but was returned to full duty, October 9th.
The gunfire followed an eleven-hour overnight standoff. Authorities said Zarbynicky, at one point, came out of his house and fired at officers. That?s when Vest returned fire. The E-R-T later found Zarybnicky dead, in the doorway of the home.
(Thanks to Doug Kennedy, KWBE, Beatrice)