Tips on beating the Holiday Blues

While it’s the season of red and green, many Nebraskans may find themselves with a case of the blues. Social worker Maggie Conrad says all of the constant stresses on our finances, our time and our bodies can leave people uptight and unhappy during this time of joy.
Conrad says the Holiday Blues is a common condition and it’s seasonal, usually setting in during early December and it often passes in early January. She says it’s not something you generally need to seek professional help for, while the symptoms are varied. Conrad says, “You might see it as headaches, increase or decrease of sleep, changes in your apetite, some agitation or anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed or guilt, decreased ability to concentrate and decreased ability to experience pleasure.”
Combatting the Holiday Blues can be easy, she says, and just involves a few common-sense things. Suggestions include: exercise, watching your diet, maintain a regular schedule, get plenty of sleep and manage stress with deep breathing exercises, yoga or meditation. Conrad also suggests striving for financial responsibility, learning to say “no” to some of the many holiday options, delegating chores to other people, and keeping your expectations for the season realistic.