Recruiting benefits from a Florida bowl game

When you think of bowl games, you think of the immediate positive impacts for the fans, the players getting an opportunity to play another game, etc.  Then you think about the program, the bowl game payouts, the extra practice the coaches will have for the players heading into next year, but you may not think much about the impact that playing a bowl game may have on team in terms of recruiting. 
Florida is a state the Huskers haven’t recruited well and playing a bowl game in that state may help bring some more exposure for the Nebraska program.  But it’s more than that. 
Up to this point, Pelini’s team has had a couple of practices since the regular season ended, but as early as yesterday some of that attention has turned from the Huskers and now the focus will start shifting toward Clemson.
I know tickets have been selling really well.   As of late Monday, I knew there were less than 3,000 of the 12,750 tickets that were allotted to Nebraska.  There’s going to be a great turnout for Clemson as well.  They had student camping out since Saturday waiting for their tickets to go on sale Monday.
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