Website streamlines carpooling for parents

Whether you live in Omaha, Ogallala or O’Neill, parents across Nebraska who are constantly on the go carting their kids to activities will find help through a new website. “Divide the Ride-dot-com” is a free, secure service that helps to do what its name says — divide the driving between groups of parents.
Spokeswoman Debbie Koke says the carpooling website is a godsend for soccer moms and dads. Koke says: “It creates carpool calendars and the beauty of it is, all the parents put in their driving availabilities and their children’s schedules, all their activities, and once this is done, Divide the Ride will create a schedule for everyone and it will email and send text messages and reminders.”
If there’s a change, someone’s running late or practice was cancelled, updates are sent to everyone’s email account and cell phones. Koke says Nebraska parents only put people into their carpooling circle who are already known to them — no strangers. Koke says: “This is for families who ask other families that they know and trust. That is the importance of it. You want to make sure it’s people in your community, people in your children’s activities, neighbors, people that you know and trust with your children.”
She says the website was created by a father of two who would show up at various events with his kids to see 25 or so other parents in their minivans. Koke says it’s a great way to save time — and gasoline. Koke says: “When people hear about it they think, ‘Wow, what a great idea! This should’ve come along a long time ago.’ They know about carpooling but more for commuters. This is the first carpooling service available exclusively for parents.”
For more details on the free service, log on to ““.