Where could the Huskers go bowling?

The Cornhuskers sitting at 7-4 with one game left against Colorado are now starting to get the attention of bowl committees. 
The Sun Bowl is reportedly really interested in having the Huskers for their December 31st game.  While the trip to El Paso seems the most likely choice, there are two other bowls that have first pick.  One being the Gator Bowl on New Year’s Day.  A trip to Florida seems much more appealing to me then El Paso.  Also the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.  Of course, when Bo Pelini was the fill in coach back in 2003, he led the Huskers to a win there.
The problem with the Gator Bowl, while they can pick a Big 12 team, it’s more likely they would pick Notre Dame, based solely on their following.   They’ll probably finish 7-5 with a win over lousy Syracuse and they’ll get crushed by USC.  So if the Huskers beat Colorado, it’s possible at 8-4, they’ll be left out. 
As far as the Alamo Bowl, Missouri and Oklahoma State have inside tracks on that bowl as well with better records than the Huskers.  I would expect the Sun Bowl, maybe the Insight Bowl played in Arizona.  That could go to NU or Kansas.