Verdigre voters pass school bond issue

More than a week after Election Day, the tallies are now final for the Verdigre School District, where voters approved a three-point-eight million dollar bond issue to build a new school. The vote was 316 in favor, 284 opposed.
Unified School District Superintendent Bill Kuester says they will be replacing and old, outdated building. The original building was put up in the 1920s and was in great disrepair. He says the planning is under way, and they hope to be in the new K-12 building possibly in the spring of 2010. Kuester says the bond issue will improve education opportunities for all the students in the district.
The bond will cost about 25-cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation. Verdigre has an enrollment of about 190 students.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton