Huskers rebound for big 4th quarter win

After that loss at Oklahoma, we heard head coach Bo Pelini say this team would bounce back, the team would respond and you hear that from coaches after a tough loss, but after the win on Saturday against the Kansas Jayhawks,  you start believing that what Pelini is telling us is true. 
I’m a big “play out the scenario” type of guy.  The Huskers are tied for second in the Big 12 north with KU at 3-3, and obviously hold the head to head advantage.  KU must play Texas, a good chance the Huskers can grab a firm hold of second place.  The Huskers are essentially two games behind Missouri meaning the Tigers would need to lose their last two games, on the road at Iowa State and then at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City against KU while the Huskers are at K-State and then play Colorado.  It’s a tall order for the Huskers for the North, but they’ve already come a long way from last year and it looks like they’ll be playing in December.