Nebraskans urged to learn about, prevent diabetes

Some 80-thousand Nebraskans have diabetes, the state’s fifth leading cause of death and a disease that, in many cases, is preventable. As part of National Diabetes Month, diabetes educator Rosemary Watchorn is urging Nebraskans to learn about the disease and how they can avoid it.
Watchorn says, “The goal is to raise awareness about diabetes and its serious complications, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and amputations.” The body of a person with diabetes can’t produce or can’t properly use insulin. Type One, or juvenile diabetes, is not preventable, but Type Two -is- preventable and is often brought on by poor diet and a lack of exercise.
Watchorn says our computer-based, TV-loving society is at a growing risk for diabetes. She says, “If the current lifestyle and current trends continue, if you have a grandchild or child who’s eight years old, so, a child born in 2000, has a one-in-three chance of developing diabetes sometime during his or her lifetime.”
Of the 80-thousand Nebraskans with diabetes, about 60-thousand are aware they have the disease, leaving 20-thousand undiagnosed and at serious risk. To learn more, visit the website of the American Diabetes Association.