Pelini addresses sideline anger

It was highlighted by ESPN during the Huskers 62-28 loss at Oklahoma.  Head coach Bo Pelini’s outbursts. 
There were times when they showed Pelini just unloading on his assistant coaches through his headsets.  Pelini addressed the fits of anger yesterday.
Pelini said that his tendency to lose his patience with officials is something he’s working on as well.  All of it comes with on the job training.
Pelini said he also brought the subject up with AD Tom Osborne during one of their meetings.  I commend Pelini.  I agree you have to show some restraint when it comes to the officials,  but at the same time I don’t really see anything wrong with what he’s doing.
First of all, he’s not directing that anger toward players.  He’s not grabbing them yelling and slobbering in their faces.  He’s yelling into his headsets.  Let’s be honest, five minutes into a game and your down 28 points, yeah I want to see a coach come unglued.  I don’t want him to take that kind of beating laying down.  It’s unacceptable and he’s got every right to address the issue right then and there with his coaches.
Some concerns that were raised is what message does this send to recruits, donors, etc.  I think it sends a great message.  Look, we’re talking about a rival game on the road and the team was not playing well.  I see that, I see a guy that cares and has passion.  I see the way he protects his players after a game like that.  I’m all for it.
I don’t know, maybe I’m a little old-fashioned.  I’m not big on coddling in sports when you’re getting it handed to you.