It's election day – polls close at 8pm

Chuck Hagel is retiring after this session in the US Senate. Running to replace him is Republican Mike Johanns, the former US Ag Secretary, Governor, and Mayor of LIncoln. Also running is Scott Kleeb, a Democrat working as a professor at Hastings college.
Nebraska has three congressional races. In the west, District 3, Democrat Jay Stoddard will try and defeat Republican Congressman Adrian Smith. District 1 Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry is being challenged by Democrat Max Yashirin, and in District 2, all eyes are on Omaha. Republican Lee Terry is being challenged by Jim Esch.
The nations eyes are also watching Nebraska tonight as we are one of two state’s that can divide electoral votes in the presidential election. Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John Mccain have been fighting to win the most votes in Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district.
Also on the Ballot is a vote for or against a ban on Affirmative action in Nebraska. The polls close at