Knox County, Raymond Township, share $17M

Northeast Nebraska’s Knox County and one of its townships will share in a 17-million dollar federal settlement. The money, nearly 14-million for the county and three-million for Raymond Township, will be used to fix roads and bridges damaged by years of high water from Lewis & Clark Lake.
Knox County Supervisor Rayder Swanson of Niobrara says it’s been a long fight and they’ll have to go through a planning process before the major repairs begin. Most of the damage is to roads and bridges in the Niobrara and Verdel areas. Swanson says the core issue of continued sediment build up in the lake will continue.
The State of Nebraska is also looking at taking action against the Corps of Engineers because of damage to State Highway 12 between Santee and Niobrara.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton