Get that ballot in the mail!

If you are planning to vote by mail this year, time is ticking. Omaha Post Office spokesman Roger Humphries says get your ballot signed and sealed so they can deliver it on time.
“Basically, if you haven’t mailed it out by Saturday, then we recommend you take the ballot to your election office.”
Humphries says if you want to vote by mail, you need to get that ballot mailed by Friday, October 31st. He says better yet; get it in the mailbox as soon as possible.
“We want to make sure we treat all these mail in ballots with the highest priority so we will do our best to get those where they need to go.”
Humphries says ballots cost more than a regular letter to mail.
“The correct postage for Douglas and Sarpy County has been at a dollar so if you have at least a dollar or more, it will make it to the election office.
Humphries says they have already processed several thousand mail-in ballots.