Gas prices continue dropping, up to a dime a day

Gas prices across Nebraska are dropping to their lowest levels in months. Back in July, motorists in the Husker State were paying more than four dollars a gallon. Now, some gas stations in Nebraska are charging almost half that.
Shannon Stewart, spokeswoman for Triple-A Nebraska, says oil supplies are up. “The reason prices are dropping like a stone is that gasoline inventories have finally been replenished following the hurricanes,” Stewart said. Triple-A’s latest report shows the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel in Nebraska at $2.45, but she says lately, the price has been dropping a dime or more a day.
“It’s hard to say how far we’re going to go, but hopefully things continue to fall to make it easier for motorists to handle the price,” Stewart said. Nebraska hit a record high price of $4.10 a gallon in mid-July. While the statewide average is now $2.45, that’s well below the national average of $2.58. Next door in Iowa, prices are already below two-dollars a gallon at some stations, the lowest prices in three years.