Huskers will face toughest challenge of the year

In terms of being the most well rounded football team, the Oklahoma Sooners may be, up to this point, the best opponent that the Huskers will face. The Sooners come into this game ranked 4th in the BCS, their only loss coming three weeks ago when they were number one in the country and lost 45-35 to Texas.
There could be a real good debate as to who the best quarterback is in the Big 12. Many would say Colt McCoy, but a good argument could be made for sophomore Sam Bradford. There?s been speculation that he could turn pro after this season. He?d be eligible with his one season has a redshirt which would remove him three years from high school ball. Bradford is completing nearly 68% of his passes and has thrown for 2,775 yards, 347 per game, with 29 touchdowns and just 5 interceptions.
What concerns me is that the defense doesn?t try to do too much and confuse itself much like they did in the Missouri game. Now, I think the defense has come a long way and the Husker coach staff has learned their lesson from that game, but the last thing you want to do is outsmart yourself and Pelini is aware of that.
Pelini may be hinting at controlling the clock. The run game will be important, it was nice to see Marlon Lucky have a good game against Baylor. Lucky had 16 carries for a total of 83 net yards. I’ll have more on Lucky tomorrow as we focus on the Husker?s running game on tomorrow’s Big Red Report.