Odd homicide in Lincoln

Lincoln police are investigating a homicide that occured in the last few days. Police Chief Tom Casady says that they made the discovery after responding to call at Ameritas Insurance over a man that was acting suspiciously in their lobby.
“Allegedly urinated in the lobby and we took him into custody, and he made some statements that led us to believe that there was the possibility that he had harmed his mother, so we went to his 72 year old mothers residence and we did discover 72 year old Zoe Brox deceased in the garage.”
Chief Casady says that they had talked to the slain mother just last Sunday night after being contacted by the Gage county sheriff’s office. They thought Brox was acting in an unusual way when they encountered him having car trouble just outside Beatrice on the Nebraska Kansas border. Brox had a saw with blood and women’s clothing in his car. Lincoln police talked to Brox mother to make sure¬†she was okay, which, she was at the time. Eric Brox has been arrested for first degree murder.