Michigan child left at Nebraska Hospital

A 13 year old Michigan child is the latest to be dropped of in Nebraska under the Safe Haven Law. Todd Landry of Nebraska children and family services has made a formal abandonment complaint with the Michigan Department of Human Services. This child was dropped off at Creighton Medical center in Omaha and is the 18th to be left behind.  He was dropped off between 1:30 and 2am.
Landry says the 13 year old did not appear to be in harms way.  It appears the mother stuck around Omaha for quite some time.  Landry tells the Nebraska radio Network, she may have been having second thoughts.  The Mother and son drove more than 12 hours and 700 miles from Detroit to the Omaha hospital.  The father reportedly knew of the drop off, but it is unknown why the family wanted to get rid of their son.