NU's plan: scale back on defense, get creative on offense

What makes the spread offense so difficult to defend is there are so many things you can do out of the spread offense.  Some schools like Oklahoma State like to run the ball.  Other like Missouri and Texas Tech like to throw, but even their offenses are slightly different, so Husker defensive coordinator Carl Pelini finds no advantage to having played Missouri last week with helping this week against Texas Tech.
Graham Harrell regarded as one of the top if not the top passer in college football, his name always comes up as a Heisman potential, but I think he gets overlooked because all Tech does is throw so his numbers are going to be gawdy compared to others.
Look for Pelini’s defense to get back more to basics.  There were times that the NU defense look confused and lost out there.  Again it goes back to the coaches and maybe they need to take a step back.
As far as the offense, the running game has suffered.  Fans have seen it for most of the year, the coaches have said it will come, it’s there, but now offensive coordinator Shawn Watson admits, there may be some issues.
Of course the Huskers won’t tell us their plans, but it sounds like Watson wants to get creative this next week against Tech.