Gas prices fall below $3/gallon in some areas

Some Nebraska gas stations have dropped prices for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel to under three dollars a gallon. AAA-Nebraska spokesman Mitch Beaumont says many gas stations statewide are reporting daily decreases over the past several days.
Beaumont says, “We’re seeing improved supply from the Gulf Coast. Those refineries are now recovering from the two hurricanes that hit earlier this summer. As that supply comes online, there’s more available, prices decrease.” Crude oil prices have been falling, too, he says, further bringing down costs to consumers.
While some gas stations are offering gas below the three-dollar mark, others are still dropping. In Omaha, he says prices are dipping to around $3.02, while in Grand Island, prices have fallen eight or nine cents a gallon in just a day. The statewide average is around $3.33 a gallon. The national average is $3.50.