Daub thinks it'll be a close call

Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s surprise visit to Omaha over the weekend is drawing cheers from local members of the G-O-P. Former Nebraska Congressman and Omaha Mayor Hal Daub says Palin is having a very positive effect on area voters.
“I think her coming helped us in the second district with our voter turn-out program because of the electoral vote’s discussion that is going on.”
Daub says this shows that the Republican Party is serious about winning all five of Nebraska’s electoral votes. He says Republicans are making inroads in Iowa as well and could possibly win that state during the late fall election.
“We’re very confident that we are going to keep the five electoral votes in Nebraska for Senator McCain and it is going to be a big boost in Iowa.”
Daub says this year’s election will come down to the wire.
“This election is probably going to come down to probably to ten electoral votes.”
Daub says they are not taking any electoral vote or any voter for granted time around and are doing the footwork to make sure they get as many voters as possible.