Grandparents say home was always open

The grandparents of nine children who were given up by their father under Nebraska’s safe-haven law say their home was always open. Jack Manzer of Omaha told NBC’s Today on Thursday that Gary Staton could have taken the children, ages 1 to 17, to his house.
“I think everything was getting to be overwhelming and he didn’t know which way to go.”
The Department of Health and Human Services is appealing a judge’s order to move seven of nine children back into foster care. The judge ruled yesterday that the Manzers are not properly set up to care for them at this time.
Jack Manzer of Omaha told NBC’s “Today” on Thursday that his house was always open to his grandchildren.
He could have brought them all over here and dumped them off here and said ‘I need a break’, I think in the long run it’s going to work out, the kids are getting to be more understanding..”
A judge has ruled that the Manzers home is not properly set up to care for the children. Some are sharing beds, while others sleep on air mattresses.