Flu shot clinics open across Nebraska

Flu shot clinics are up an running across the state. In the northeast, Linda Drey is nursing director of the Siouxland District Health Department, and says seniors, children and those with chronic illnesses are encouraged to get a flu shot. She says family members of all those groups are also encouraged to get a flu shot to avoid spreading the flu.
There have been worries in the past about a vaccine shortage, but not this year. Drey says they have their full shipment and get frequent calls about the availability of more vaccine, so that doesn’t appear to be an issue at all. Drey says her county hasn’t had any flu cases reported yet, so it’s important to get the vaccine before it takes hold.
Drey says the flu season typically peaks in February and March, with cases often starting as early as November and December. Often it hits during the holidays when families get together. Drey encourages everyone to check with their doctor or local health department to arrange to get a flu shot.