Heineman says it's Parental Involvement Month

Governor Dave Heineman today signed a proclamation declaring October to be Parental Involvement in Education Month in Nebraska. Heineman made the announcement today at Belvedere Elementary school in Omaha, one of the 37 schools in the state taking part in the Parental Information and Recourses Center (PIRC) program.
“There is an age old equation that works very well in terms of education…. good teachers, plus good parental involvement equals good learning. In Nebraska, we have good teachers and the more parents we can get involved in their child’s education, the better learning we are going to have and that is partly why we are here today.”
Heineman says it is crucial that parents become involved in the child’s education from start to finish.
“Our job as parents is to have our children ready to go to school at age five and every day thereafter. As much as they need us in the elementary grades, they need us more in middle school, even more in high school and even more in college. Now sometimes when they approach those upper grades, I realize, and we know this from experience that kids become smarter than parents but they still need us. They just don’t want to tell us that.”
Heineman is hoping that other schools in the state jump on board.
“PERC is looking to expand their scope to include 72 schools in the next two years. The goals of the Nebraska Parental Information and Resource Center programs is to provide information and resources to parents to strengthen the partnership between schools and parents because that is what this is all about.”
Attending today’s proclamation was Governor Heineman’s wife, Sally Ganem (GAN-um). She shared a story about how the Governor was involved in raising their son, Sam.
“I thought I would let you know that the Governor was highly involved as a parent. And many people don’t know this but the Governor was the person who stayed at home with our young son. We kind of reversed roles for a while. When Sam was four years old, it was the Governor that was home with him. I think sometimes he says you know being a parent of a four year old was just about as challenging as being the governor of Nebraska. So, he found out what it was like being home.”