Joe Ganz' arm could be center of attention

I’ve been talking a lot about the Husker defense and the challenges they will face with Tyrod Taylor, the very athletic quarterback of Virginia Tech who while at LSU, Bo Pelini said he’s never seen someone move the way Taylor does…that’s a big compliment.
Today I want to talk about Joe Ganz, our quarterback.  Obviously very good at moving the ball himself, where he runs or rolls out, but this week we could see more from his arm as Ganz explains Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster likes to stuff the run.
A football game normally comes down to two things, controlling the line of scrimmage and protecting the football, that’s something that Ganz can control and he says if he doesn’t Virginia Tech will make you pay
As far as the Saturday night game, I get the sense that Pelini likes the prime time for these big games and he’ll have two of them back to back with Va. Tech and Missouri next week.
As far as the Pelini feeding off the crowd, he says he doesn’t get much from it other than a headache.
Well, let’s hope the only headache is had is from the crowd noise and not from the Hokies.  It will be a close game, I think a real challenge, but I think NU will come away with a 31-24 win.