Governor hopes no special session is needed

“In terms of changing or amending the law, I don’t think there is any question that it needs to be amended.”
That from Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman regarding the Safe Haven law. Yesterday, a parent dropped nine children in age ranging from one to 17 at an Omaha hospital. Heineman says this is an issue that the Unicameral will have to address.
“I think we are all in agreement the intent is being misconstrued right now and we will have to address that issue.”
Right now the law states that parents of children 19 and younger can take their child to a hospital if they feel they can no longer proved the proper care. Heineman says the law is intended for small children and infants.
“The law is not intended to abandon teenagers. I hope they won’t take advantage of Safe Haven in that way and drop their children off at a hospital.”
Heineman has talked with the speaker of the Unicameral about having the law changed. He hopes that can be done next session and he is hoping a special session is not necessary.