Huskers expect physical and flashy from Va. Tech

It’s midweek for the Huskers as they get ready for the Hokies of Virginia Tech.  One thing I’m hearing a lot of from head coach Bo Pelini and is staff is that Virginia Tech can not only be a tough nosed football team, but they also have some flashiness as well.
The flashy side of the team comes from their quarterback Tyrrod Taylor. He’s their second leading rushing in total yards averaging over 5 yards per carry and up to this point hasn’t thrown the ball much.  Just 40 attempts on the year.   Pelini saw a little bit of Taylor as freshmen when Pelini coached at LSU.
Junior Linebacker Phillips Dillard says the defense is looking forward to playing an offense that runs the ball a little more and doesn’t do much of the spread.
Now, here’s what interesting, Heather Dinich of wrote Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer and his staff met on Sunday, watched some film, and then met again. They’re still trying to figure out the best direction for this young offense to head, and so far there have been hints of implementing more spread offense concepts.