Lincoln council orders couches inside

Clear off the couches. The Lincoln City Council has voted 5 to 2 in favor of an ordinance that prohibits the use of indoor upholstered furniture outdoors. Councilman Ken Svoboda voted against the measure saying it feels like too much government regulation.
“Fundamentally, I just disagree with the overreach of government going into a private citizens home and indicating that they cannot have a peice of furniture on a porch.”
Councilman John Spatz says he understands why Svoboda and Councilman John Camp voted against the measure, but sees the proposal as a step in the right direction for Lincoln.
“In some ways, i’m reluctantly going to support it, even though I tend to agree with a lot of what Ken and John have had to say about this, because I am concerned a little about over reach here because I do see this as a Piece of a bigger puzzle”