Ike may affect Nebraska gas tanks

As Hurricane Ike targets Texas, we may be in store for even higher gas prices. Mitch Beaumont with Triple-A Nebraska says it is too early to guess what will happen.
“Depends on where the hurricane hits. Where it makes landfall. It mostly depends on the impact it will have on the refineries in Texas.”
Right now it looks like Ike is headed toward Houston. That area contains about one fourth of our nation’s refineries. Beaumont says if Ike hits that area, we likely will feel the impact in the pocketbook.

“For so much of the gasoline we receive here in Nebraska comes from the Gulf Coast region so if major refineries are down for a long period of time, we may see some increases in gasoline.”
Beaumont says don’t rush out and immediately fill your gas tank. That could cause more problems.
“Don’t go and panic buy your gasoline. There is plenty to go around. There won’t be any widespread shortages. There is no reason to panic. That is really the most important message to give people right now.”
Many of the refineries in the Gulf Coast area have shut down operations.