Survey: 4th quarter hiring iffy in Lincoln, Omaha

The final three months of the year could be a toss-up for employment opportunities in Nebraska’s two largest cities, according to a new survey of employers. Manpower spokesman Mike Lynch says hiring during October, November and December in Omaha is only expected to be moderate.
As for Omaha’s anticipated hiring levels, Lynch says 13-percent of employers surveyed plan to increase staff while seven-percent plan to decrease staff. He says some industries will see more opportunities than others during the last quarter of the year. Lynch says job prospects in Omaha are best in the services area while employers in the non-durable goods manufacturing area plan to decrease staff.
He says the quarterly survey offered a different perspective in Nebraska’s capitol city. In Lincoln, 30-percent of employers surveyed plan to increase staff while 23-percent plan to decrease staff, a net increase of seven-percent, while the majority of employers plan to keep staffing levels the same.
As for job-hunters in Lincoln, Lynch says they’ll have to chose carefully. Lynch says durable and non-durable goods makers, services, public administration in Lincoln all look to be promising, while staff reductions are indicated in several industries, including: transportation, construction, public utilities and the wholesale/retail.
Learn more about the survey at the Manpower website.