Christensen reinstated, but won't play this weekend

Nebraska has kicked one member of its football team off the roster this season, but it’s not offensive lineman Andy Christensen. Christensen was reinstated to the team Monday after his acquittal last week on sexual assault charges. In August, defensive lineman Kevin Dixon was removed from the team on charges that were far less public. Head coach Bo Pelini says there is a reason Christensen is back while Dixon is gone.
“It’s two different situations and that’s how I approach things. I said a long time ago, I look at each situation specific to the circumstances. And I have to get the facts, I let the facts play out, I look at them all, and I make my decision based on the facts. And that’s all I can go with.”
Christensen will not play this weekend, but is back at practice and will likely be suited up for Virginia Tech on September 27th.