Johanns skips convention, travels to Nebraska towns

Republican Senate Candidate Mike Johanns campaigned in Beatrice Tuesday, touring Dempster Industries L-L-C. Johanns is skipping the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.
“We’re down to less than 70 days now before the election and i just don’t want to set aside a week really except for being here doing what I need to do.”
Johanns commented on the selection by Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.
“I don’t know Sarah Palin, everything I have heard about her has been good, she’s been a very well liked Governor in Alaska, she seems like she is a no nonsense sort of person.  We’ll learn more about her as the days and weeks go by here, but it looked to me that he made a choice of someone that is really no nonsense and is really going to get up to speed very quickly and do the job.”
Johanns says there is a need to reach across the aisle, with both parties willing to work together to solve problems.
“Joe Lieberman speaking at the Republican Convention When he is very much a Democrat I think is a powerful signal, we’ve got some issues we need to address in this country, it’s a great country, there isn’t any reason why we cannot solve these issues, but you don’t solve them by saying my way or the highway, or only my idea works, you solve them by working with people and finding solutions to problems.”
Johanns says bipartisan cooperation is needed in both the House and Senate, and from the person elected President.