Heineman impressed by Palin

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman is impressed by what he has seen from Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.
“She’s tough. She’s fiesty. Remember, she took on the sitting republican governor, defeated him, and then took on the former two-term democratic govenor in the general election and defeated him.”
Heineman has had the opportunity to speak to Palin on several occasions and he believes she will appeal to middle class families.
“She is going to appeal to middle class families. Here is a mom, five children, one with down syndrome and she is very down to earth. Easy to talk with and easy to under estimate.”
Heineman believes Palin is an execellent V.P. choice.
“She’s a dynamic, energetic, intellegent person. She reminds me of a Nebraskan, really. She is very independent minded and guarantee you she will speak her mind.”
Palin is preparing for he big speech tonight in St. Paul at the Republican convention.