Heineman – I don't need to take sides on every issue

Governor Heineman refuses to take a side on the affirmative action issue brewing in Nebraska.”I dont feel as Governor that I have to take sides on every single issue. I think we have great citizens in this state, they’ll make a decision, I’m comfortable they’ll make the right decision consistent with their values and beliefs.”
Despite repeated questions from reporters, Governor Heineman would not state his personal opinion on the proposal that would ban affirmative action in the state. Supporters gathered enough valid signatures to put the ban on the November ballot in Nebraska. Legal challenges conintue.

He gave a general response when asked his personal thoughts.
“We wanna provide opportunities for every citizen in our state. I’ve had conversations with University of Nebraska officials and we are trying to expand enrollments at the University of Nebraska. every single person regardless of race who qualifies will get into the University of Nebraksa.
That’s why University officials say there is no need for such a ban, they have expressed concerns on the fallout from such a ban on student, faculty and business recruitment.