Update on shooting of Omaha officer

More details have been released regarding the shooting of Omaha Police Officer Paul Latschar.  Omaha Chief of Police Eric Buske held a news conference Thursday morning and stated that Officer Latschar and Officer Gerald Swanson, both members of the gang unit, had just returned from a shooting call where a 27 year old man was hit several times.  They were about six blocks away from that shooting when they spotted a white Cadillac with a known gang member behind the wheel.  The driver’s license had been suspended so they attempted to stop the vehicle.  Buske says the suspect, 30 year old Cory Allen of Omaha, fired several shots at the officers.  Both Officers Latschar and Swanson returned fire and Allen then took off on foot.  Allen ran and was spotted several blocks away hiding near the foundation of a house.  A citizen remained with Officer Latschar until paramedics and other officers arrived.  He was taken to a hospital in extremely critical condition.  When he arrived at the hospital, doctors say that he had no pulse or blood pressure and he was within five minutes of bleeding to death.  They rushed him into emergency surgery and he now is in critical but stable condition.  He should survive.

Cory Allen faces a number of charges including attempted first degree murder.  He was not injured.