Omaha police officer shot, suspect caught

An Omaha police officer is in critical condition after being shot several times around 11:30 Wednesday night near 42nd and Camden Avenue in Omaha.  Lt. Darci Tierney is the Public Information Officer with the Omaha Police Department says the officer was conducting a traffic stop when one of the occupants in the vehicle emerged and fired shots at the officer.  A back-up officer was able to chase the suspect down.  He lost sight of him for a short time but then was able to locate him near a house.  They also found a firearm they believe was used in the shooting. 

The officer has been identified as Officer Paul Latschar, an eight year veteran of the force.  He was rushed to Creighton University medical Center with injuries to his arm and abdomen.  After surgery, he is in critical but stable condition.  The name of the suspect has not been released. 

Robert Jensen lives in the area and heard the shots.  He says immediately police cars arrived and shortly afterwards and ambulance.  He says the paramedics wasted no time in administering aid.  He describes the entire incident as “terrifying.” 

Wednesday night’s shooting happened exactly 14 years after Jimmy Wilson Jr. was shot and killed after he pulled over a van near 40th and Blondo.