Bruning cracks down on gas scam

The warning is out to gas station owners, play it straight or face the fines. Attorney General Jon Bruning says two men have been charged following an alleged scheme to charge customers more. Tim Kaup of Sapp brothers distribution in West Point allegedly urged gas station owner Tom Weise to put ethanol blended gas in unleaded tanks in Scribner and Decatur.

“The vast majority of these folks that own convenience stores are good people that do business honestly, but there are a few that are trying to make a dime a gallon extra on Nebraska’s consumers.”
Bruning says 12 to 15 more stations are under investigation. Bruning is also following up on complaints about some gas stations along I-80 that were charging more than their price on the sign. Bruning promises to bring down the hammer if they are continuing to break the law.