Erdman confident State Fair money is coming

Everything is on track according to Senator Phil Erdman. The Hall County Board of Supervisors pledged one million dollars earlier this week to help pay for the State Fair’s move to Grand Island. Senator Phil Erdman tells us, he is confident that Grand Island will have the first payment of┬áthree million dollars ready by October first.
“I think the money from Grand Island will be in place or as the law allows the legally binding requirements will be in place for them to make the October 1st deadline, so I think everyone is on track as far as the finances.”
Under the state law allowing the State Fair’s move, Grand Island will pay 8.5 million dollars over three installments before July of 2009.
“Everyone has been working diligently to acheive those (financial obligations), and my conversations with folks lead me to beleive pretty confidently that they will meet those requirements.
He also says State contributions are there and the University says they have their portion readily available.