UNL experts says global warming is accelerating

Just back from an environmental study of global warming in Alaska, University of Nebraska-Lincoln meteorologist Ken Dewey says he’s convinced the world climate is rapidly shifting. Dewey says Nebraska isn’t immune to global warming and people shouldn’t ignore the facts.
“As the global climate changes, it can impact weather patterns and weather extremes which we don’t know what it’s going to do yet,” Dewey says. “We’re living an experiment and we’re part of the experiment, whether we choose to be or not, so I don’t think we can be complacent and say we don’t care.”
Dewey says he’s he’s stunned by the speed of the radical alterations that are happening around the planet. “This change in the last ten years is more rapid than we ever expected and changes that we didn’t expect to see until the mid part of the century are already beginning to occur.”
Earlier this year, U-N-L hosted a weeklong series of events and speakers that aimed to educate people about climate change as part of a project called Focus the Nation.
Thanks to Alisa Nelson, KLIN, Lincoln