15 year old convicted in death of six year old

A jury today found 15 year old Jordan Goodwin guilty of second degree murder and a weapons charge. Last October, Williams shot and killed six year old Alazia (ah-LAY-sha) Alford near 14th and Spencer street in Omaha as she waited in a car. Prosecutor Tom McKenney says this was a very emotional case.”Just everything, the people involved the nature of the case, the witnesses we had to deal with. Trying to get witnesses in.”
McKenney says Goodwin will be looking at years behind bars.
“20 to life on the 2nd and 1 to 50 on the use. Use has to be consecutive to life in 2nd degree.”
Goodwin’s grandmother, Jean James reacted to the verdict.
“Jordan is a juvenile… a child. He can’t vote. He can’t buy liquor. He can’t even buy cigarettes yet still he should have been charged as a child. It was accident. I feel sorry for the next parent in line for a shooting. I feel sorry.”
James insists it was already determined that Jordan was guilty before the trial.
“Jordan should have been charged as a juvenile. Jordan is a child. It was an honest accident. If you were a parent in my position, you would feel the same way.”
Goodwin will be sentenced in October. 19 year old Michael Coleman faces similar charges in the death of Alford.