Watch for Mosquitoes

The peak season for mosquito activity is approaching, and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is warning against the possibility of West Nile. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joann Schaefer tells us, so far, numbers are down from last year.
“In general we have more mosquitoes that are out there because of the rains and some settling water, it makes and ideal breeding ground, and we had so much rain this spring and early summer. We’re a little bit behind in the number of cases that we have right now compared to last year.”
Health officials have confirmed three human cases of West Nile this year.
“We do encourage people to use mosquito repellent and avoid the dawn and dusk and try very hard to wear long sleeves and pants when they can, i realize that it’s hot, but that really does protect them from mosquito bites.”
Schaefer says there are more mosquitoes around this year because the summer has had a good amount of rain, but overall, there haven’t been as many human cases of West Nile as there were this time last year.